Woman and fleeing from the negativetraditional restrictions of of society

Women's cause
3 years ago

Dr. Vian Sleman

Traditions are the ideas and fantasies that our ancestors used to believe in them and practiced them on daily basis. Bye that means the tradition has become societies believes and it has been passed from one generation to another and they have become the source of behavioral attributions. The purpose of this article is mentioning only those traditions that has caused social disorders and domestic problems and many other unflattering events, to be more specific I am not talking about tradition in general because our traditions have both positive and negative aspects. What I’m trying to refer are the social norms and the traditions that have been given more values than human beings themselves and specially more than the women in our society who sometimes have been violated by to them sometimes obeying this tradition has caused a woman to not be fully function in their society and face restrictions regarding to that. Based on this traditions however, working in some specific industries for a woman or just working out of the house in general have been banned to some certain extent while it is completely normalized for men.

For many years this traditions have created a frame that women are being judged by and they are also highly restricted and suppressed regarding any life decision decisions and movements. Under these traditional titles women have been notebook to express themselves fully and many doors have been closed on them which has caused a markable negative impact on the development and this it’s also followed by men allowing themselves to use violence against women or even leave no choice but suicide to our woman. The strength to this traditions at some points are so high that they have been prioritized highly and at some point value even more than religious doctrines.

In addition, characteristics of a Kurdish society that can be mentioned are as patriarchy, sexism and tribalism. So that’s why it can be said that almost all the viruses that are happening against women even honor killing are being backed up by the wrong traditions that are conditioned to exist because of this characteristics of our society. Many things men are allowed to practice in our society is for bidden for our Woman and one of them can be mentioned as working.

Where is Curtis woman managed to break many of these tables until the stay and change the understanding structure of our society, so today even if we do not witness gender balance in working market of Kristen we can see that many points regarding those negative traditions and the perspective of men have also been changed and have a Lotta woman to be functioning in many sectors. This changes can be seen as the globalization effects on our society but what is no it’s worth it here is that woman themselves achieved what they have today by the urge, efforts and sacrifices they made for their rights and equal opportunities. This demonstrates that women are the directing force for traditional and cultural revolutions. One of the most important changes in our society is referring to the disgracing of patriarchy and witnessing more woman standing up for themselves and suing the men who have been violating them. Also increasing the number of woman in working sectors and other social movements gives us hopes for more democratization of our society and mobilizing it to a more developed society.

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