A message from Kurdistan Women Union

2 years ago

Murder as a social concept can be said to be a part of violence, legally it’s a crime that has been punished by law according to criminal and victim.
The occurrence of several recent cases of Women murder in general and the burning of Shnyar in particular are crimes that cannot be compared to any other murder incident.
The crime of murdering women is evident in any method of committing a crime that has a variety of social and dimensional backgrounds. Therefore, in this case arresting and punishment of the criminal are not enough, but it requires taking other measures and looking at this crime in many dimensions.
We, as a women's issue organisation, have always reiterate that the Kurdish women's issue and the case of the crimes of murdering women require severe punishment and law enforcement, but we have advance laws in Kurdistan region, punishing criminals and enforcing the law goes to a good extent. In other words, although the criminal knows even if the possibility of punishment is not inevitable, will be the fate of escaping from the law, but he still commit the crime.
It seems that this goes back to the supremacy of the social thought that has given women ownership to men and attaching honor to the body of women.
And it goes back to all the speeches and messages that are against woman’s right and freedom’s, and are put into the ears and feelings of men and society in general in different ways and in different channels.
Therefore in order to eradicate the crime of murdering women because they are women, we first need to change our social mindset, create social consensus, raise feelings and awareness of social responsibility for rejecting the murder of women, by showing women murderers disgustedly, not accepting them as a member of society and rejecting the crime from a religious, social and legal point of view.
By working on the massage of the president of the Kurdistan region and prime minister with the support of women, strengthening and creating a balance of power between these two genders, by planting the spirit of love and accepting each other and acknowledging each other’s rights by both genders, especially admitting men to equal right for women.
We strongly condemn all crime of murder of women and all violence against women, and we strive in all available ways to create a social understanding to reject the crime, and we call on the relevant institutions to arrest, punish the criminals severely and to pursue all other crimes that have done in the past.
We reiterate that killing and violence don’t discourage woman’s desire freedom and free life, and this patriarchal mind that has been collapsed for a long time.
Within this context, we announce a campaign of awareness with hashtags #here-is-no-honor-in-killing-women-stop-killing-women
And we state our deep sympathy for shinayar’s Parent and relatives and to all the other victims of honor thoughts and we are ready for all supports.

      Kurdistan woman Union
        February, 24 - 2022

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