A message from Kurdistan women Union on the occasion of March 8th, international women's day

2 years ago

8th march is the day of pride of the women's achievements in the past and present, the day of deciding on existence of the female as a heroic partner in the participation and development of the community. In the Kurdistan region, the women's struggle for building and fulfilling these real roles and duties has been done for many years with the aim of providing entire women's right through different activities.
Kurdistan women Union has continued insisted on gender equality in the family and community، from this point of view to this year's slogan for international women's day breaking the obstacles that the backward minds of society have created and have become barrier to proving women's humanity and make it as a motto working on it. At the same time, we call for more attention to women's issues, and we present these points as a mechanism for solving and improving women's situation:

1- Stop the phenomenon of murdering women, because it’s a dangerous bell if it's not prevented, it will become a culture that is completely contrary to our Kurdish tradition.

2-  women's organisations, in cooperation with th related parties in the government and civil society, should work through different programs to make an understanding and spreading the culture of humanism in the society, and setting a suitable way for decreasing family problems which ensue as a result of having a good relation and understanding  between both genders.

3- The harsh punishment for women's murderers should be carrying out and no social sittings shall be approved to get them out of their punishment.

4- Kurdistan media and mediums no longer use the story of killing women as a headline, but they should focus on criminals and point to the punishments they receive for these inhumane acts.

5- Kurdistan women should be more aware of any injustice and unfair they face and try to solve their problems through the law, so that they do not last and do not help them make a decision to end their lives instead of rescuing from the problems.

We bless this universal day to entire Kurdish women, We hope them  break all the barriers bravery that have prevented them from reaching their goals and humanity

Kurdistan Women Union
8th march, 2022

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