honoring the august 16 th anniversary

2 years ago

 On August 16, 2022, in the presence of Haval Ako Chawshin, a member of the leadership and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party'spopular and professional organizations, the secretariat bureau of Kurdistan Women Union held an event to commemorate the glorious commemoration on August 16. 

Haval Ako Chawshin presented a topic in which he referred to the history of the Party and its roles and
influences, as well as highlighting the PDK's importance to the role of women and its full belief in women's issues.

 Dr.Vian Suleiman, secretary of the Kurdistan Women's Union, congratulated the 76th anniversary
of the founding of the Party and the birthday of President Barzani, she mentioned the Party's support for women's abilities and skills.

In the same activity, the book of "Barzani and kurdish liberation movement" in the written of President Barzani were presented to a number of attendees by Haval Ako Chawshin

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