Family care was opened for premarital guidance in Erbil

Instructions Before Marriage
1 year ago

 Today, 28, February in the presence of Health Minister Dr. Saman Barzanji, Dr.Lanja Dizaii, chairman of the committee for the Defense of women's rights in the Kurdistan parliament, Mr. Omed khoshnaw, Governor of Erbil Mr. Dlovan director General of Health opened a family conference for premarital guidance. The nuring was produced as a result of a joint project by the Family Embrace Institute and the Kurdistan women's union with the Erbil directorate General of Health. The aim of this project is to introduce young people of both genders to their duties and responsibilities in marriage and to raise awareness in the legal, social, and health fields with the aim of building a healthy family, decreasing and solving family problems with advice and understanding to reduce the rate of divorcees and family separation. A memorandum of understanding was signed within the framework of implementing the project.

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