Girls' Power Camp

Instructions Before Marriage
12 months ago

Today's girl's strength, mightly of the future generation 

In the presence of Haval Ako Chawshin, a member of the presidency and head of the group of mass and professional organizations and his companions, the representative of the honorable office of the vice president, the Leadership Council of Sulaimaniyah, Halabja, the officials of the branches (4, 1 1, 12, 21) The Kurdistan Democratic Party, other guests, and secretariat office of Kurdistan Women's Union opened  Girls' Power Camp for cadres and members of the Sulaimaniyah councils and it's environs, Halabja and Raparin.

The aim of the camp is to raise awareness and intellectual awareness and develop the human resources of the Women's Union of Kurdistan, which will last three days and will hold seminars on national, political, gender culture, and personal development issues for participants.

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