In Qadia camp, an activity was done for the anniversary of the genocide of Kojo village

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12 months ago

 On August 17, 2022, the Secretariat Bureau of the Kurdistan Women's Union in the Qadia camp, supported by branch 17 of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the cooperation of the Qadia camp administration, held the eighth anniversary of the Kojo village genocide. 
 Mr. Ashti Kochar, head of the branch, Mr. Hassan Aladin, the head of the public office of the honourable vice president, Mr. Sharan, a representative of the group of mass and professional organisations, and a large number of local officials, relatives of the martyrs and victims
of the genocide, were present and honored with many expressions and activities to commemorate the victims of the great crime. 

Kojo village in Shingal border was besieged by ISIS on 3-8-2014. ISIS controlled the village 12 days later.

  In the village, 1,750 Yezidi Kurds were detained and gathered in the village's school. Then the men and
women were separated.
 ISIS fighters massacred 480 men in 14 graves, but 19 of them were survived from the genocide. 670 women and children were rescued after they were kidnapped. One of them is Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and UN goodwill ambassador from the same village.

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